15 September 2010

The Miraculous Power of the Cross and Prayer - A Scientific Study

The Miraculous Power of the Cross and Prayer - A Scientific Study

Moscow, March 17, 2006 - Interfax - Scientists have proved experimentally
the miracle-working properties of the sign of the cross and prayer.

'We have ascertained that the old custom to make a sign of the cross over
food and drink before a meal has a profound mystical meaning. Standing
behind it is the practical use: the food is purified literally in an
instant. This is a great miracle, which happens literally every day,'
physicist Angelina Malakhovskaya said as cited by the Zhizn newspaper on

Malakhovskaya have studied that power of the sign of the cross with the
blessing of the Church for nearly ten years now. She has carried out a great
number of experiments, which have been repeatedly verified before their
results were made public.

She has discovered in particular the unique bactericidal properties of water
after being blessed by an Orthodox prayer and a sign of the cross. The study
also revealed a new, earlier unknown property of the word of God to
transform the structure of water, increasing considerably its optical
density in the short ultra-violet spectral region, the newspaper writes.

The scientists have verified the impact the Lord's Prayer and the Orthodox
sign of the cross make on pathogenic bacteria. Water samples from various
reservoirs - wells, rivers, lakes - were taken for the research. All the
samples had goldish taphylococcus, a colon bacillus. It turned out however,
that if the Lord's Prayer is said and a sign of the cross is made over them,
the number of harmful bacteria will decrease seven, ten, hundred and even
over thousand times.

The experiments were made in such a way as to exclude a possible impact of
mental suggestion. The prayer was said by both believer and non-believers,
but the number of pathogenic bacteria in various environments with different
sets of bacteria still decreased as compared to the reference templates.

The scientists have also proved the beneficial impact that the prayer and
the sign of the cross have on people. All the participants in the tests had
their blood pressure stabilized and blood indexes improved. Strikingly, the
indexes changed towards the healing needed: hypotensive people had their
blood pressure raised, while hypertensive people had it reduced.

It was also observed that if the sign of the cross is made off handedly,
with the three fingers put together unscrupulously or placed outside the
necessary points - the middle of the forehead, the center of the solar
plexus and the recesses in the right and left shoulders - the positive
result was much weaker or absent altogether.


06 September 2010